Monday, January 30, 2017


HELLO my Tuesday FRIENDS!!! 
Decided I would make a real effort to get this done on time today so here we go :) 
It's been colder and windier here the past two days so it was 
I've consumed a few too many lately and will have to cut back to something with a wee bit fewer calories. The waistline seems to expand so much more easily these days. 
The card in the photo is not complete... I want to add words but haven't come up with the right ones yet... kind of leaning towards these....

I  finished last weeks painting from the 
Mindy Lacefield class too. 
I really feel I achieved a much looser style with this one and really love it. 

Here are some close ups of some of the details. 

I'm calling this one

Exactly what my country is going through right now.  :'( 
But I do continue to HOPE that many will see the light soon and remind myself that  we must stand strong in the light  and allow it to grow before it will be seen. 
Now for Today's Random Thoughts 

PLUS a little tidbit of info I ran across a couple of weeks ago that has made me think  a lot....
In the USA we use 500 million disposable plastic straws a day! 
Here's a paragraph from the article ...
Americans use 500 million drinking straws every day. To understand just how many straws 500 million really is, this would fill over 125 school buses with straws every day. That's 46,400 school buses every year! Americans use these disposable utensils at an average rate of 1.6 straws per person per day.

Got ya thinking? 
Google it and read more if it did. 
Now though you need to  run on over to 
Elizabeth's and join the party...


  1. Wow, Carol, you're even early this time, super! I love your new style with the Mindy Lacefield course, glad you are enjoying it! Yes, America and the rest of the world is going through a hard patch just now. Have a happy T Day, enjoy your cocoa. Hugs, Valerie

  2. What a lovely painting (sailing the red storm).
    You had me smiling at all those millions of straws. I don't think Ive used a straw in the last 40 years!
    Happy T-Day,

  3. Terrific artwork I really loved seeing the paintings and the sayings as well.

    Incredible about all the straws. Not sure we use them much at all in the UK. I know we don,t.

    Happy T day

    Love Chrissie xx

  4. My waistline and hot coco consumption has both increased this winter too. Can't beat it though. The art work is fantastic. I love your ladies- they are special. And hopefully this good light gets brighter and brighter, our country needs it right now with all the darkness in DC. Happy T day. Hugs-Erika

  5. I will share a hot chocolate with you, and that should decrease your consumption. I've only had it once this winter because I'm out of Mexican Chocolate.

    Your latest art is turning out fantastic. I really adore the Mindy Lacefield piece and the Red Storm. I think those ARE the right words for that adorable painting you are still working on.

    I have ONE straw I use over and over. I wash it out along with my mug. I can't imagine all those straws being used each day. How bizarre. I wonder if the amount goes up in the summer and down in the winter.

    Thanks for sharing your art, your random thoughts, your hot chocolate, and your thoughts on drinking straws with us for T this week.

  6. Carol just love your artwork! Thats incredible about the straws... And as far as i know they are not recyclable .... Happy happy T day! Hugs! deb

  7. wonderful artwork, carol! sailing the red storm is a wonderful title! i don´t even remember when i used my last straw... the number sounds horrible.
    happy t-day!

  8. Your hot chocolate looks delicious - is that whipped cream I see on top? :-). I love last week's paining, it has a lovely flow about it especially the girls hair - beautiful! Wishing you a Happy T Day! J :-)

  9. Beautiful art pieces, the one you called Red Storm is awesome.
    Who can resist hot chocolate, thats maybe why I never keep that product in my larder.
    You got me thinking about Straws, something you hardly ever see here.
    Happy T day.
    Yvonne xx

  10. Now you have me wanting a hot chocolate as i haven't enjoyed that in a LONG time:) Your art is just gorgeous Carol and you have done a fine job of creating beautiful, loose style girls. Happy T day!

  11. Your cards are brilliant Carol.
    Your MLacefield inspired girl is especially WOW!
    You have tantalized my taste buds and reminded me that we brought home some hot chocolate from a trip to Olde Williamsburg a December ago! Every now and then I save things for I don't know what and with food items that is not a good idea. Time for some hot cocoa...thank you very much.
    It's great that focus is being brought to how each of us can make an impact by even a small thing like not using a straw (not so small in the end!).
    Happy T Day dear Carol oxo
    p.s. thank goodness for friends and art in these dark times!

  12. Every time I see hot chocolate on a T Tuesday post I mean to get a cup, yet I never do lol. I always end up with coffee or tea somehow. Happy T Tuesday!

  13. Great random quotes today! They're always very thought-provoking. The Galileo one is beautiful. I'm blown away by your Mindy Lacefield class painting. The girl is fabulous.

    We never use disposable plates or straws anymore, except plastic party plates (which I never dispose of anyway - lol).

    Happy T Day! Hugs, Eileen

    Here's another tidbit for you on the issue:

    80% of all marine debris found in the ocean is land based, and 80-90% of the marine debris is made from plastic. ... A big part of that waste is single use “disposable” plastic.

  14. Mmmm! Hot Chocolate and cream……..! I love your card and I must say I do like those words! Your painting is amazing! I love your quotes today and I do think that standing strong is a good idea for all of us in these times! What a strange but disturbing fact about plastic straws! I don't like drinking from straws so would refuse one anyway! Wishing you a great week! Chrisx

  15. oh my goodness, your card and painting are stunning!! love the loose and colorful style...yep, it sure has been hot chocolate weather. Is it Spring yet? Happy T day...on Wednesday! ;)

  16. We waste so much in our culture.

    I think our fast food culture is responsible for a lot of those straws. I became concerned about sustainability before I quit going to fast-food places (I haven't been to one in over 10 years). Back when I would go through the drive-thru for lunch or coffee the amount of waste was ridiculous.

    I would order a small coffee, black, and through the window they'd hand me the cup, as well as a paper bag stuffed with napkins, creamers, sugar packets and a plastic stirrer. If I said I didn't want all that other stuff, they'd just throw it away.

    If I ordered a breakfast sandwich, they'd give it to me, wrapped in paper and inside a paper bag, along with napkins, jelly packets, little paper salt and peppers, etc. More waste.

    If I ordered an iced tea, they'd give it to me with a plastic straw, wrapped in paper, even though I don't use straws. ETC. It was maddening.

    So I finally started asking to just be given my biscuit only--no bag, nothing else. They would look at me like I was crazy and I'm sure they just through all that other trash away.

    Interestingly, when we ate at a fast food restaurant in an airport in Europe, the meal came with actual re-usable silverware (not plastic sporks). A different way of thinking.

    OK, sorry about the rant but your statistic about all those straws set me off! :)

  17. Carol, I love your artwork, it is stunning, you have a wonderful talent. I'm very surprised about the amount of straws thrown away, so much is wasted. Thank you for the comment on my blog, you always make me smile.