Tuesday, September 15, 2015

T Stand for TUESDAY

It's really Frustrating TUESDAY here :( 
I have spent the greater part of this morning trying to deal with out internet provider to get our issues resolved. Only to have them say they had to send out a tech tomorrow to check things out more thoroughly. 
So I am using my cellphone as a "HOT SPOT" so I can get this post up that I've been trying to do for 2 days now. It will be short and sweet as I don't know how much data this will be using. We'll find out :) 
My drink today is extra strong coffee that is laced with an energizing herb to get me through all of this mess :(
The art is a journal page I'm working on and can't seem to stay focused on . 
With the Monarch Project I now have 7 cocoons and the last indoor one getting ready. You can only see 7 in the photo  cause the other cocoon is in the very front of the box where it is hard to get a photo of....he's the shy and private one I guess ♥
 A couple of the cocoon look slightly darker and more wrinkled than the others so I"m hoping they are ok... I'll have to try and research it too see.... if I ever get the internet issues straightened out.  I do love the speed of the "HOT SPOT" connection! If they can't get me a faster connection I may have investigate the cost of upping my data service on my phone bill. 
The outdoors caterpillars have all disappeared :( I know that 3 of the 8 met and untimely death by wasp... but I can't find the others either. I'm hoping they are just hiding in the milkweed patch somewhere that I can't see. In the future I will be raising all caterpillars I find inside away from the many wasp we have here. 
 ....Today's Random Thoughts....

Don't forget to check out the other folks At "T" day by clicking on the blue teapot on my side bar :) 
I'll try and get to all of you as as I can with the slow service I'm having :( 


  1. Sorry about the ongoing problems, hope it soon gets sorted. Take care of yourself, Sweetie, hugs, happy T day, Valerie

  2. Well i hope your service gets straightened out soon.. so frustrating i know... So cool to see your cocoons.. and i hope they are ALL okay... Happy happy Tday!Hugs! deb

  3. oh no hope you get it sorted out soon..love your quotes and journal pages

  4. I JUST had some internet problems fixed....had to go 24 hrs with no internet......I didn't realize I was such an internet junkie......LOL

    I just love the picture in your post header.........someday I am going walk right up that drive way and knock on your door........I do it in my mind each week......*grin*

    Happy T-day

  5. brilliant idea to do your post via phone...I'd never be able to figure it out! lovely journal pages, and excellent photo of the chrysalis...came out very well! happy T day! hope your tech problem gets resolved soon...♥

  6. Such a pain when the internet is acting up.
    Exciting about your soon to be butterflies...they are so amazing in every stage.
    Happy T Day dear Carol oxo

  7. Internet stuff is so frustrating! I can tell you that using the hot spot munches up data! So excited over the cocoons! Wasps... I can't find one nice thing to say about them!

  8. Computer and internet problems are always frustrating! How exciting about your Monarchs! Must be fascinating to watch them.

  9. Thank you for what you're doing for the monarchs. It's sad that there are so few now when I remember so many from my childhood.

  10. It's so frustrating dealing with mess! I've been going round and round with my cell phone provider. Those calls are enough to drive a person to drink...and not just coffee. ;)
    The monarchs to be are doing well I see.


  11. I hate my ISP, but I can't afford to change to cable, so I stick with what I have, which is slow DSL. I understand your frustration. I know how frustrating it gets for me. I've been trying to get to people since a little after 9 pm my time, and it's now after 11.

    So glad you have a few of the monarchs inside away from the wasps.

    I actually LIKE your art this week, and you should enter it in Art Journal Journey's windows. And your coffee looks good, too. Never had it with an energizing herb before.

    Thanks for sharing your art, your monarchs, your coffee, and your ISP frustrations with us for T this Tuesday.

    BTW, you may not have read about Darla’s home in the mountains. I saw video yesterday about the area. Her home there is completely gone, ravaged by fire. That’s one of the reasons why she didn’t share T with us this week. She was there when the fires started in that area, so was very lucky to get out.

  12. I never thought about wasps killing the caterpillars! Yes, I'd take them indoors next year. Sorry about your internet issues. So frustrating. My new 5 times faster than my old provider service is the same or slower. I don't know how much of it is them and how much of it is an older laptop--LOL! I'm having all kinds of issues, too--and I know it''s not bugs or viruses because I checked that right away. Just glad you made it. :) Happy belated T-Day.