Tuesday, May 5, 2015

"T" Stands for Tuesday & the Full Flower Moon

If you've followed me very long at all you will have figured out that I love the FULL MOON. This months moon was amazing!!!! The clouds were moving at a quick clip and the scene was constantly changing. I took over 130 pictures :) 
I'll be kind and only share a few of my favorites. 

Those were all from Sunday night.
 Last night I went to a Jazz concert and when we came out the moon was a beautiful orange and I didn't have my camera with me. By the time I got home the orange was gone :( There was a pretty ring around the moon though that I sorta got a photo of....

May is also Iris month and mine are really waking up this week...

In another day or so the circle drive flower bed will look like a lavender river of flowers :) 
I am rarely up in time to get any sunrise pictures but today I made it up .

By the time it gets up enough to see over the trees the brighter red is gone but the pink is still beautiful ♥
My drink of choice today is COFFEE! 
After getting up at 4am I think I will be drinking lots of it today :) 
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  1. WOW, Carol, the photos of the moon are incredible. I don't think I even saw the moon this week because I wasn't in my office which sits high up in the trees. Instead, I was busy sleeping and trying to get well. So glad you shared yours, though.

    My irises are nearly gone. They bloomed at least two weeks ago, and they have all but died out, even before I could pound any. Yours, on the other hand, are stunning.

    Thanks for sharing your coffee, your irises, and your gorgeous moon shots with us for T this Tuesday.

  2. When the kids were little, we used to take a full moon walk as a way to watch the changes in the seasons. I never had a camera that could get decent photos. Yours are wonderful! Thx :)

    I need to go see how the irises are doing in the parks. I don't have any here at home, and it is our state flower.

  3. Such wonderful moon pictures. I always enjoy watching the clouds move across a full moon.......something mystical about it.

    Your Irises are just breath taking. Mine bloomed last month and are now entering the next faze.

    Thanks for stopping by earlier and for the comment....the B-day party was really fun.....Happy T-day

  4. Your flowers are wonderful, but I am LOVInG those great moon photo, BIG WOW!!! Have a good day and enjoy your coffee! Hugs, Valerie

  5. Amazing photos of the full moon Carol-wow! Such pretty flowers too. Happy T day to you!

  6. Gorgeous photos!!!! Both the moon and flowers.
    Happy T day!

  7. Stunning photos of the moon! I love those irises as well.
    Thank you for sharing them here. I too am a big fan of the full moon, it brings out the romantic in me -:)

  8. Your photos of the moon are awesome Carol! That bright moon seemed to be with us a long time. Your irises look sweet... ours are just blooming!
    Good Morning!

  9. I LOVE a full moon peeking through clouds and/or tree branches so I thought these were just awesome! Very belated happy T-Day! ;)

  10. Great moon pictures. I love your irises. Such wonderful colours.

  11. stunning photos-I missed it this month-sigh

  12. such wonderful moon photos
    only a person who loves the full moon could take photos like that

    your spring is looking wonderful!