Tuesday, April 21, 2015

T Stands for Tuesday

Burrrr!!!!! It's a much cooler Tuesday here today! Sweatshirt and jacket weather  but no freezes in the forecast so all is good. 
Just when I thought the daffodils were all done here ...... we have a few late bloomers to make us smile.

I'm pretty sure these will be the last ones this season ... but then I said that last week too :) 
Tulips are blooming now... I don't have many this year so I need to plant more of them in the fall as they only last a year or two here. 

The last 2 pictured ones  always remind me of Poppies  when they bloom :) 
As you can see in the photos I still don't have all of the mulch spread out. It's been hard for me to take it easy and just do a little bit at a time... but I know I have too. It's getting there though. 
I have cut my first herb harvest of the season...
...this is just a small bit of the harvest. It's bee balm and as typical of any member of the mint family it has gotten so thick and spread that it needed a good thinning out already. I'll be using these leaves in tea mixes later on when the other herbs are ready for harvest. 

The lilacs are beautiful this year... they smell so good. I just had to bring some inside. When this bush , which is the only only I have left, is done blooming this year it needs a major pruning. Which will unfortunately reduce next years blooms but it has to be done. 
I've also been cleaning out bird houses and getting them hung back up. Some will be moved to different locations this year as I have plans for new beds where they are and I  don't want my constant presence interrupting the mama birds.  
Nothing going on in the veggie garden this week. I was going to start transplanting some of the starts out there. But  with the colder weather I'm putting it off for another week. It's still early :) 
My drink for today is in the big Snowman cup. With the cold the hands hurt more this morning so  it was nice to wrap them around the big cup of hot coffee. The art in the background in my WIP for the week . 
Today's Random Thoughts are...

So that's it for today... now I'm off to make some more soaps... Farmers Market is getting close to opening. 
Don't forget to check out the other "T" post by clicking on the blue teapot on my side bar :) 


  1. Oh wow! So many flowers!! They are so lovely. And you're painting them, too--cool! We also went from hot to cold again. Stay warm!! Happy T-Day! :)

  2. Gorgeous blooms and herbs! Daffodils are just now in full bloom-and the tulips are just beginning-lilac bushes are only staring to bud here too. Winter really took a toll on everything this year :(. Your wip looks finished to me-beautiful! Happy T day and happy soap making!

  3. Oh wow! Lilacs already!! Our trees are just budding...well some of the buds are nearly tiny leaves but certainly no flowers yet. We had snow flake in the air most of the day. Booooo! Cold windy and snow is not the late April weather I was wishing for.

  4. I love your garden photos! All that yellow. Sweet! I have one bee balm plant and look forward to the need to thin it :) I'm trying to take some cuttings to see if I can start some new plants that way, but the squirrels keep digging them up lol

  5. Those tulips do resemble poppies! I love lilacs, and have one bush too. They smell heavenly! I like you WIP and adorable snowman cup. Happy T day.

  6. Lilacs! The last daffies are the best daffies... or maybe the first are the best? Our tulips and daffies are gone. We have a bluebird house with three eggs! Down to 39 tonight!

  7. I'm SO sorry I haven't been here sooner, but I've been sick most of the day. Fever, flem, headache, and the chills I don't need when I welcome in my bEARTHday tomorrow.

    I have a few red and yellow tulips (OOPS DID) but they don't look a thing like your gorgeous ones. Your bird houses are adorable. Each is SO different.

    I want a lilac bush. I left mine, along with three other bushes (wisteria, spiraea, and forsythia, as well as the lilacs. One renter dug them all up and took the ALL. There was nothing I could do, because I didn't include the yard in the contract. In a way, I was glad my azaleas died before I left.

    Thanks for sharing your gardens with us for T this Tuesday as well as that adorable snowperson mug.

  8. Such fun to see what popping in your neck of the woods Carol.
    I so enjoy looking into tulips and poppies as the insides are so intricate and beautiful too.
    Beautiful painting!
    Don't work too hard.
    Happy T Day

  9. as I see my online friend's lilacs in bloom i wish I would have planted one when we first moved down-I really miss those-and allot you can do with them too-I used to make a bath powder years ago-

    1. a Lilac bath powder sounds wonderful ♥

  10. I'm late getting around to all my Tea Friends. Enjoyed the trip through your garden. Do you make and sell soaps at the local market?


  11. I'm late getting around to all my Tea Friends. Enjoyed the trip through your garden. Do you make and sell soaps at the local market?


  12. Great and positive thoughts, and lovely photos. Thanks for sharing!

  13. Gosh, I need to get around to my favorites more often. We were in the 20's last night! What? Everything is leafing out around here as well! Happy spring! xo