Monday, January 12, 2015

T Stands for Tuesday

It's cold out there.... and we don't even want to talk about the windchill. We missed the nasty ice and freezing rain so I'm happy about that and it was sunny out today. So I got to wear my sunglasses while driving :)

I'm just not dealing well with winter this year. I don'y know if it's because I'm not as mobile since the injury or if it's just age catching up with me. 
I know part of it is we don't have enough firewood to light the fireplace every day. The man we usually get it from didn't deliver it as promised this year and I haven't found anyone else yet that will deliver it here at a rate I can afford. I certainly can't go and load any up myself this year. I miss my fireplace. 
Move over kitties....

So today I kept myself busy dyeing wool yarn and making up some salves to see if they will help my back. 

I ordered some Comfrey from MountainRose Herbs and made up 3 different types of salves to try. One is just a simple comfrey in Olive oil salve, one a Comfrey in Dandelion Oil with Turmeric and Birch EO and the third one is Comfrey in Olive Oil with Birch Essential Oil added. 
The doctors have given me several different types of anti-inflammatory pain meds and I've had some type of reaction to every one. One even sending me to the hospital in an ambulance :(   So I'm trying a more natural route to see if I can get some relief and healing. I don't like having to take the narcotics all of the time.  
Also started  some new soaps and tinctures today. The picture is from the last batch I made but the same kinds I made today. 
I really like the darker soap's sage and patchouli and smells real woodsy ♥
Tomorrow will be another day of soap making ,  blending teas and filling teabags. 
I will probably get some crochet work in there too. As I have to keep changing positions and lay down frequently to keep the back from screaming at me. So I have lots of different projects going all of the time. 
Here's my latest crochet project :)

I also wanted to show off the birdhouse my Dad made me for Christmas....

It's 3 separate birdhouses on one base and I decided to have the hubs put it up on my cabinet shelf instead of putting it out side. I want it to last forever :) 
So that's what's going on in my world today. 
Oh and here's my drink :) 


  1. A purrfect little world Carol!
    Happy T-Day!

  2. Yikes Carol, am so sorry about your're managing very well - I hope some of the salves will help, they sound marvellous. Look forward though gal - no snow and ice means there might be an early SPring, and that would be lovely!

    1. Thanks Julia!!! An early Spring would be WONDERFUL!!!!

  3. I was thrilled too that we got missed for the ice-don't want to go through that again for sure. so sorry about your back-I made a salve for painful arthritis that has allot of infused herbs in it-, I really enjoyed making the salves last year especially the violet leaf balm which was good for cold sores, chapped lips and hands. I do so much better with the homeopathic natural approach too hope you are out of pain soon and the cold doesn't help-its really bothering us this year too

    1. Do you still have the recipe for the arthritis salve? I would love to have it. My hands are not getting any better the older I get :)

  4. Wow Carol, despite your poor aching body you have been prolific with all your crafty endeavors! I used to make soaps but haven't done so in a long time. I love the scent of patchouli. Too bad it's such trouble getting wood for your fire. I don't like the winter weather one bit, and I have also found that with inflammation issues my body reacts to the cold too. Stay warm and happy T day!

    1. Thanks Linda! I have to stay busy or nut NUTS! Of course I do take a lots of breaks during the day too, Setting with ice or a heating pad :) That's when I read or watch TV.

  5. I hope the salves you made help your back pain. We had a little icing yesterday here in upstate NY, but fortunately the temperature rose so it was not too bad. Glad to not have to go anywhere.

    Love the cat house you crocheted! Sure to keep your cat nice and comfy, leaving the heater all to you! Happy T Day

    1. Thanks!!! The cats love the "Kitty POD" but do still hang out by the heater more than the POD . THey'd love it if I put a heated Kitty bed in there :)

  6. I'm sorry about your back and hope those comfrey rubs help. It's a shame you haven't found a firewood supplier yet, but maybe soon... I know that warmth would help. I haven't made soap in years, but it was so much fun! :)

  7. Thanks for stopping in! I love making the soaps and salves.

  8. I can feel your pain. There are days I can barely stand up straight, and the ice you missed, hit here instead. It's been sub-freezing temps here since FOREVER it seems.

    I hope those homemade remedies work. I know they sound great and sound like they might be helpful. For being in so much pain, you got a LOT done. I can't seem to do that. All I manage is a bit of art in the afternoon in my office, since it's the warmest room in the house.

    I want to make soap again, and am looking for some good soap recipes. Any suggestions would be helpful.

    Thanks for sharing all your projects and your drink with us for T this week, dear. Hope you get better soon.

  9. Well you have alot going on. I just love homemade soap . Its one thing i cannot resist buying when i find it... and my daughter knows it and keeps me well stocked.....Right now i'm using a strawberry... MMmmm...... I love what you made for the cat too. How cool is that!? Happy Tday. Hugs! deb

  10. You are busy!! A bad back doesn't seem to slow you down. LOVE the crochet kitty cozy. I wonder if Gracie would use one like it. Did you have a pattern or made up as you went along?

  11. I can totally relate to back pain issues...and having reactions to pain meds. I didn't have reactions that sent me to emergency, but can't take anything related to morphine/codeine...which is most of them. I can take percoset without reactions, but don't want to get hooked on narcotics...and my doctor doesn't like to prescribe them, so I don't have any pain medication. Took anti-inflammatory medication for so many years that it about ate my stomach out and can't take that anymore, either. Never thought of rubs. You'll have to let us know if they help.

    Love your cat house and your dad's bird house. I wouldn't want that little beauty destroyed by bird poop, either--LOL! ;) Happy T-Day! I hope you get some relief soon. :)

  12. Wonderful herbie creations.
    I've never made and oil/salve with dry herbs, you'll have to tell me how they worked for you!

    Stay warm!

  13. i wish you wonderful results with all your potions. pain and discomfort is not fun at all.
    firewood or fires are nice, it is a lot of work too and messy. i think tiny moths are coming in with my wood this year.

    as for patchouli, seems people love it or hate it, i am in the later ;-)

    and your kitty house wow! i bet your cat is in heaven.
    also, bird condos.... such a great thing he made you!

    wishing you winter days and nights that feel better to you.