Tuesday, November 25, 2014

T For Tuesday

Insurance Meltdown 

I hate dealing with insurance companies and this week has been a royal pain with them .

After dealing with 3 different insurance companies today and getting very frustrated I really needed something to calm me down. 

So out came the jars of herbs from the garden this summer and I started blending my first batch of herbal tea for the winter.

For this batch I choose the herbs that I knew were "calming" and that just tasted good :) 

I used Lemon Balm for it's flavor and it's relaxing qualities and threw in dome Bee Balm leaves and flowers for the same reason. Lemon Thyme and Dried Lemon Peal for flavor and both Sweet Mint and Peppermint for taste and to kinda settle the tummy too. Last I added some Passion Flower Vine leaves for calming and Holy Basil (Tulsi Basil) for all of the above reasons.

I ended up with 12 very full teabags. This is the first time I have made this type of tea and I wasn't too sure on how it was going to be.

So now it was time to get out my "PROFESSIONAL" bag sealing equipment...

...and finally we have tea!!!! :) 

In actuality it really only took me about a half and hour and most of that time was digging out the jars of herbs :) 
The tastes WONDERFUL  ♥♥♥♥♥
I fixed the Hubs a cup too and he really liked it too. He's the picky one of the family. 
So I will definitely be making more of this blend along with the usual  "cold/flu/ and sore throat blends" I always make.  I figure Monday will be tea bag filling day :) 
Sorry the pictures are a little fuzzy today... I told you I was frazzled and I was just using my cellphone which I have to be very still with and I guess I wasn't :) 
So this is my very late T for Tuesday post .
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  1. Good Morning Carol! I could use a cup of your tea!!! Happy Thanksgiving in case I don't get another chance!

    1. Thanks Pix!!! the tea is oh so yummy too ♥ Hope your Thanksgiving is fantastic :)

  2. Mint and lemon! I like both those types of teas, so this sounded really interesting. I love that you make your own teabags! Happy Belated T-Day! :)

  3. You thought you were late. I'm even later. I got caught up in some rather late pre-Thanksgiving activities today, which started about 4:30 am. That meant I didn't get much sleep, so had to do that instead of visiting. Sometimes life gets in the way of even dear internet friends.

    You have basil I don't have. I thought I had a lot, but I've never heard of the Holy basil. I am impressed with all your herbs. I have practically none of the ones you named, except basil, mints, and lemon balm which lives in my "flower bed," not my herb garden. I would love to try your calming tea, especially since I'm not a fan of chamomile, the tea they suggest for calming.

    Thanks for dropping by my place for T this week, and I apologize for being late visiting. Have a lovely Thanksgiving, too. I hope it's joyful and safe (and NOT WHITE).

  4. your tea looks and sounds wonderful!
    recently i have been making a bed time tea and keeping track of the recipe. the recipe fell behind the counter into no-where land, really, the cabinets would have to be removed to find it. gosh. Mine was similar with camomile, rose petals, linden, lemon grass and most but not all of what you have. i have to start over with measuring and trying again. but i don't bag them, just use a sieve or steep in a pot and strain, tea bag means i could take it to go places. I think this would be a wonderful gift they way you make it! Hope the insurance things came together for you.