Sunday, August 12, 2012


The past week or so has been chalk full of doings and happenings. That's how my grandmother would have described it anyhow :0) 
Last weekend the granddaughters came to stay for 3 days. We always have a great time when they are here. 
We shopped a little...
Tried on really crazy shoes...

Baked doggie treats...sorry no pictures there...
played in the sand...

and made Art Journals for the girls...

We were having so much fun that I kept forgetting to take pictures. Even of the journals. I had to have their mother take their picture with them at home and send them to me. 

The rest of the week I had to work the closing shift at work so all I had time for was working on my winter hats projects....I'm hoping to get 50 made by the end of October :0) They will be donated to a couple of different charity programs then. 17 down and counting :0) 
So only one art project was completed this week and that was for a a challenge ...
creating with your non-dominate hand.
I love these challenges! Makes us think outside of the box and try things we may never have tried without the challenge :0) 
All in all it was a good to catch up on all of the house work that didn't get done during the week. 


  1. sounds like an awesome week, my friend down the road is having fun with her grandkids too
    love those shoes lol

  2. Cute granddaughters. I have to settle for great-nieces but I know how much I enjoy having them visit.

    A friend knitted me a hat similar to the ones you are doing last winter. I wore it when I lost my hair to chemo. Knitting is another skill I have tried and simlpy gave up on learning. I do not have the patience for such detailed handwork.

  3. They are real cuties, that's for sure Gramma.... :)

  4. Busy, busy, busy! Good to be grandma! Lucky you, Carol! They keep you young and tired! xxoo Nancy

  5. Beautiful little ladies. The shoes are really odd. I hope they don't become the latest trend. Love the painting.

  6. It's good to be busy. Great photos. Thanks for sharing.