Monday, July 23, 2012

Ruby Tuesday 2 July 23, 2012

It's Ruby Tuesday time again. 
With this years drought and heat there are not many pretty flowers in my yard to feature for Ruby Tuesday. 

So today I'm sharing some of the pretty patterns I see every day at work.

In case  you haven't  guessed by now....
 I work in a paint department.

When we add tints to the paint we sometimes get some unusual and often very interesting color patterns.  

So I have started taking pictures of some of them possibly use in my mixed media art or what ever I decide to do with them. 

At first I wasn't careful about getting the can in the photo....but now I try my best not to. So they actually look like abstract art.  

Just another way to make my job more interesting and maybe even develop a use for the photo.

These are just a few of the ones I have with red in them . Hope you enjoy them. 
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  1. What a wonderful idea to take these photos. You have definitely created some great abstract art shots. Before long I expect to see a gallery full of you lovely paint spots. Nice that you sent all of us this private invite to you "one woman show."

  2. Beautiful photos. I am now your follower.

  3. Beautifully captured!

    Would you come and comment on my Ruby Tuesday post? Thanks!

    PS. I just followed your blog.

  4. Just gorgeous! Visiting from ruby Tuesday.

    Your comment on my Ruby Tuesday post would mean a lot!

  5. Not many flowers around here either. Love, love, love these pics. Who would have thought to take a picture. Obviously, an artist. Well done!