Saturday, July 14, 2012

Camera Critters....and Cool Down

Here in the Midwest we are having a very hot and dry summer. Triple digits for 2 weeks straight and not a drop of rain in sight. 
We finally got some relief this week with cooler temps and a small bit of rain....not enough but we'll take every drop we can get :0) 
I spend a great part of my home time dragging the water hose around trying to keep my plants alive. 
Even my little fish pond has been getting too warm. 

So I froze a big bowl if water and tossed the ice into the pond. At first they just swam around it..checking it out. It didn't take long for them to figure out it was cool...

And there he stayed until the ice melted . 
I also bought an bubbler for the water to add more oxygen to it and added fresh cold well  water. You have to be careful adding the well water because it doesn't have enough oxygen in it to support the fish . By adding the bubbler I was able to add more well water than I normally do. 
So now I have happy fish again and they still get their big chunk of ice every day. 
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  1. I like the ice chunk idea! The aerator will help a lot. The warm weather heats up the water and takes the oxygen right out. Stay cool! :)

  2. Lovely pond shots! Your fish look happy.

  3. Hey, Carol! I had fun catching up on your posts. I didn't realize you're in MO - I don't know how I missed that! I'll be visiting Columbia later this year. We share the same weather with you here in NE Ohio. It's been brutal! My poor flowers struggle to survive no matter how much TLC I through their way :o( Stay cool!

  4. Hi Carol, great idea with the ice block for your fish. Ours do not look happy at all and their pond is drying up bit by bit, soon they'll be swimming on their sides. We'll have to do something before that happens. We're in the same weather conditions here. We were forecast to have a 70% chance of rain on Saturday and only a few drizzles fell and that was it. Back into the upper 90's this coming week.

    Winter is looking better and better (never thought I'd say that in July!)

  5. Great idea about using the bubbler for your pond. Love the fish.

  6. The ice block is a great idea! Hope you get some cooling rains soon.

  7. Hey Carol you can have some of our water.We just endured the wettest June on record and July ain't much better so far. I'll send a bucketful over.

  8. Thats so funny!!! Never thought the fish would stay so close to it.. Our rabbits Love their ice bottles!

  9. I am going to have to suggest this ice trick to my friend. She has been telling me about her fears of loosing the fish she has had for years.

    Brilliant idea.