Thursday, April 12, 2012

Whew....... I think I over did it today :0)

....but it feels so good to be back outside working in the garden!!!!
I've been lucky enough to work the early shift every day this week and I can get outside and work a couple of hours. Today I only had a 4 hour shift so I was off work at 9am!!!!! 
I just came back inside to get a drink and realized that I'm really worn out a good way. There is a ton of things I would like to do still today but I better force myself to stay inside and relax..
This is what the garden looked like last week.
Th granddaughters were here for spring break and the youngest one wanted to work on her art outside under the green bean
 tee pee . She had to stomp the weeds down to have a place to set :0) 

She didn't mind it at all and had a blast drawing her "nature" picture. 

The oldest girl was busy catching frogs and tadpoles :0) 
I had just taken the camera back inside when she slipped and slid right in to the pond. The look on her face was so funny...wish I been able to capture it. 

So it was back inside for a change of clothes and then we decided to make cheese and some herb crackers and a lemon pie.

It was a great visit and I'm planing on having many more this year. They can help me with the garden and I'll teach them all I know about plants and growing them. There is nothing more precious than sharing what you know with a child and watching the gleam of understanding in their eyes.
So this is what the garden looks like now....still has some work to get it ready for planting. But that will be another day.

So now I think I'll hit the couch and watch some of the shows I missed last week while I was playing with the kids :0) 


  1. What precious girls! Teaching them what you know about gardening will be such a joy. A lot of backbreaking work done out there. Looking good! Enjoy your shows. :)

  2. Carol you sound like you had a wonderful time! It just comes out in your post talking about your granddaughters! And it is always so nice to come in from working hard in the garden and curl up on the couch!

  3. Cute girlies!! I know I cant hit the bed every night and have no trouble falling asleep!! We are getting ready to plant the majority of stuff in the next week!

  4. Carol, I am glad you had time with your granddaughters. Those times are precious to them as well as to you.

    And I love spring. I love the time of the year when I have too much to do in the garden and want to be out there all the time. When summer comes, I just endure until it cools off some. But I love this time of year. It's kind of nice to work that hard and feel like you've accomplished something.

  5. You are making good memories for your granddaughters. I only have one, the rest are boys. Would have liked one more girl, but wouldn't trade any of those rotten boys. Both my kids say, "Dream on." Looks like 5 is it. ;)

  6. They will remember these adventures all of their lives, Carol! Thanks for sharing. xxoo Nancy