Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Beautiful Weather and Beautiful Birds

The last day of February and it was beautiful out. It got up to 68° and was very sunny and very windy too. 
I spent a lot of my time watching the birds at the feeders again. 
This little House Finch has gotten so used to me standing at the door taking his picture.....

....I could almost swear that he is poising :0) 

He really puts on a show when digging the next seed out of the feeder....

...and then he'll look at me like he's asking "Did you get that picture?" 

Sometimes he'll hop back and forth from one leg to another like he's dancing. I can even go out onto the deck and he doesn't fly away until I start walking towards the feeder. If I back up he'll come right back :0) 

Woody and Willow have started coming back now that I've switched back to the wire suet feeder. They didn't appreciate the wood cat tray at all. They would look at it but never once did I see them on it. As soon I changed back they started feeding again. 
I'm off again on Friday so I think I'm going to start cleaning up the garden beds and flower beds. I'm getting the gardening bug fever already :0) 
For now I have to head back to my art room and finish up the last face for February. 
Take care and I'll catch you all real soon!


  1. They are both beautiful. Especially the house finch! Just fascinating to see them this close. :)

  2. Great pictures Carol! You continue to amaze with those Pileated Woodies!

  3. Love it!! I could watch birds all day.. But then the Chickens and goats may complain to the management!lol I received Sunshine's picture today! Love it too!! Thank you!

  4. I guess all of the house finches are at your house. They are gone from here. I just love the woodpeckers. We have a red bellied occasionally. We have too many cats these days.:( xxoo Nancy