Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Ruby Tuesday ----- Bloomin' Tuesday

Not much blooming this week... but I'm still working on getting all of those Surprise Lily bulbs in the ground. When I started these two milk crates were full to overflowing! After tonights planting I'm down to the crate on the left :) Hopefully by the weekend I'll be finished with them. Just doing a little bit every day when I get home from work. 

Speaking of work it has been very busy this week with tons of heavy lifting involved. So between that and planting  the bulbs every night I'm starting to feel and look like the old woman in my latest "face" painting. I'm calling her "Feeling Old" 
Thanks for stopping in :) 
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  1. Wow you are ready for spring. Like it.


  2. It will be amazing when everything gets to blooming!

  3. You will be happy about all the work come summer! Jean

  4. You could have been painting me! I feel that way too! :-)


    Boy in ruby, why so shy?
    You are quite a handsome guy.
    There’s no need to hide your face—
    In this world you have a place.
    Take your ruby shirt away
    From your mouth—come out and say,
    “I am not a turtle, no,
    And my name’s not Yertle, so,
    I will be as I was meant—
    As my mom says, heaven-sent.”

    © 2011 by Magical Mystical Teacher

    Red sunset and flower

  5. Wonderful painting. I'm feeling a bit old today myself. I envy your bulb planting. I'm going to pass on the bulbs this fall. It's hard to hang around ground level with my still healing ankles. Maybe next year. I'll look forward to pics of yours next spring.