Thursday, August 25, 2011

Yard Art Thursday

I love gazing balls and I also have a deep fondness for blown glass. So I was thrilled with this new addition to my flower gardens this year. I also like the contrast in colors with the ball and the purple leaves. I have no idea what the plant is. My cousin gave me a few years and years ago. They are annuals but the self seed like crazy and I'm always finding them everywhere. They also happen to transplant super easy so I just yank it up and plop it somewhere else when it shows up in an unwanted spot. They do get VERY tall so it makes a great bank ground plant. 

The other new addition to the yard art this year is my church bird house. I posted about it earlier in the summer when I first bought it and it was "Pepto Pink"  :(  I have finally gotten it repainted and hung in the woodland garden.  Hopefully some feathered friend will move in soon.

It's absolutely beautiful out today so I'm going to go set on the deck and enjoy! Maybe I'll yank a weed or two while I'm outside :) 


  1. I think the plant is perilla, Carol. It is used in Japanese cooking, but hopefully someone else will tell me if I'm wrong. It may be something else. Hard to tell. Like all of your new additions!

  2. I thought that might be what it is. It has a very spicy smell and pretty lavender flowers. Looks like a member of the basil family kinda too.

  3. I like gazing balls, but don't have any. Yours is very pretty. Love the way the birdhouse turned out.