Friday, August 12, 2011

Heat Dome Recovery

Now that the heat has finally broken and we've actually had a couple of good rains things are starting to green back up. Even the little fishpond garden was looking wilted and the ribbon grass had turned brown.

The one plant that did seem to thrive in the heat was the Hens and Chick. I had given up on it last just set there looking pitiful and mushy. But the past two Hot summers have made it take off like crazy. I've actually had to divide it and start another group. Hopefully they won't be as slow to catch. 

The Elephant Ears are hanging in there. They don't mind the heat but they require consistent watering. 

Of course the dragonflies are always hanging out at the pond.

And this little feller had just taken a dip in the shallow end of the pond and then flew over to one of the tomato stakes to dry off in the sun.

He just kept turning and posing so I had to take a few pictures of him :) 

So happy to have the cooler weather and being able to actually spend quality time outside . Maybe I'll even get to finish putting down the pea gravel and bring in more big rocks and of course plants.
Hope others are having good garden days too and praying for relief for those who are still caught under the Heat Dome.


  1. So happy the weather has changed for you. Drizzling at the moment here but supposed to be back to 100 tomorrow. I am using the indoor time for "spring" house cleaning.

  2. We still need rain, but we've been able to get a little here and there. Your plants are looking good!