Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Blooming Tuesday-Ruby Tuesday

Was so excited when these hardy members of the Hibiscus family bloomed. I bought them last fall at the end of the season at 80% off and they were almost dead and labeled as White " Marsh Mallows" 

I bought four plants and they all made it! Two were the white they were all labeled and two where these Pinks! Love the deep red centers and the beautiful shade of pink. These babies not only survived...believe me I had my doubts they looked so pitiful when I bought them...but they are over 6 ft. tall. Apparently they are very happy where they are planted. 

The Dahlias have not done so well this year at all. Some did not even come up and a lot of them are very short plants and no blooms :( This one is usually very tall and the blooms the size of large dinner plates. Not this year. It's only 4 foot tall and the bloom is only about 6 inches across. 

The Rose Moss has done well in its containers this year. I think it loves dry earth and heat.

Some wild Phlox I saw on my walk down by the creek today. 

Hope things are still blooming for  you in world!
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  1. Oh my goodness what amazing blooms! Love the hibiscus but that dahlia is amazing! Amazing.

  2. simply beautifully captured shots...pretty flowers!

  3. Hi lovely lady.
    Your home is so Beautiful with the lovely road leading up to your house.I also love your Hibiscus just Gorgeous. Im your newest follower on your Blog now. I hope you can come over to my Tablescapes and follow me. Come see my tables.
    I hope you have a great week.
    XXOO Diane

  4. I love the color of those dahlias. Gorgeous!

  5. What a great deal! Glad you could keep them all alive. The dahlia is lovely even if it isn't as big as usual. Love the color! Jean