Monday, August 1, 2011

Blooming Tuesday-Ruby Tuesday

Hot, Hot, Hot
There is no other word to describe this summer and it's showing everywhere :( 

About the only things that look good in the flowerbeds right now are a few of the wildflowers I've transplanted over the years. And some of them are not looking so good either.

Not sure what this one really is ...other than pretty and sturdy.  Found it along the road at the side of our property and moved it to the "Cottage Bed"  Sure hope I can find more some day.

We did get some rain on Saturday and a day of somewhat cooler temps. So I had to  check out the mulch pile and sure enough more "mushrooms" and some poison ivy making itself at home too :( 
The vine is gone...had to yank that out before it took over the woodchip pile.

With all of this heat I'm just not having energy for much of anything. I keep saying I'll adjust soon..but I really guess it isn't going to happen. 
If this keeps up next weeks post will be of dead plants :( 


  1. Such a nice post!! Such pretty flowers!

  2. I know what you mean about the heat. Heat like that ruins the whole summer for me.

    Your wildflower is a pretty one, whatever it is.

  3. So agree about the heat never mind how dry it is.. still won't we be fondly remembering this come February.

  4. Hi Carol, Your wildflower has such stunning color. Hope the heat lets up soon; it seems to be almost everywhere. I live in IA and it's very, very hot here (for wks on end); I was in NYC last week and it was scorching there too - even hotter than IA - 104 degrees one day. That reminds me, it's early in the day and I'd better go water the garden (and feed the kitties) :-)
    Hugs, Beth

  5. Great blog ~ Wonderful Photos for Ruby Tuesday ~ thanks for sharing and I agree ~ one Hot Summer even in MA on the ocean ~ namaste, CArol

    New to Ruby Tuesday ~ Hope you will come visit my blogs ~ ( Share the Creative Journey and A Creative Harbor) see you there.

  6. I love wildflowers. They seem much more sturdy then their temperamental domesticated counterparts.

    Have any ideas on what kind of mushrooms they are? I wonder if they are of the edible sort.

  7. Love that mushroom! Cool shape. It's been hot here, but it's only 62 right now. Our high to be 86. Feels like fall. ;)