Friday, June 3, 2011

Favorite things Friday!

My idea of a good time is.....
Setting on the deck with a good drink, talking with my hubby and listening to the critters in the woods.
 I always love to go to thrift stores but when I show up and they are having an unadvertised 50% off everything sale I get all jazzed up!
Bad picture but a great haul of treasures. The basket and the pink vase have already made it to the garden as flowerpots. The weird metal candle holder holds flowerpots out front too. 
The lamps will soon be painted and distressed and in my bedroom and those crazy witches boots will probably end up as planters too. 
My Stacked pot planter is finally planted and ready to go. Will probably be moving the little ceramic shoe planter down to the fish pond...haven't decided for sure.

We've been getting regular visits from this guy this week on the deck.  He's there in the mornings and then comes back in the evening. I haven't seen one up close like this since I was a little kid and he brought the same reaction I had then. So glad some things don't change :)
Not much else going on here. We went from sweater weather to super hot summer weather in one day we are all adjusting. 

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  1. I love thrift stores too. I had a great haul a couple of weeks ago. Then I took the kids yesterday and restrained myself, though the kids got some GREAT toys.

    My idea of a good time is time spent with my husband. I love that man. :)