Monday, June 13, 2011

Blue Monday - DebbieDoo's Newbie Party Monday

It's Monday!
A new week.... a new day....
a new adventure! 

Smiling Sally

 My favorite Hydrangea has spread and the new little bush has the prettiest bloom. I'm thinking of moving the new one to a different spot to spread the wealth.  

The hosta garden is filling in  and looks great with all of it's blue glass. I had visions of taking a lot more photos this morning.

...after just a couple of clicks..the clouds that have been hanging around all morning decided to open up. :)
We actually need the rain and it was nice to be out there and listen to it as it started at the back of the lot and moved towards me. I barely made it in the back door before it poured.
It's so much cooler out this week and really pleasant. Hopefully I'll get more accomplished outside without wiping myself out .
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  1. Hi Carol, this is my first visit ... your yard and gardens are so pretty, and so are your blues.

    I hope that your week is fantastic!

    Kathy M.

  2. Your hosts are very nice. Glad you got some rain. Been less than a month since our last rain (storm) and there are huge cracks in the ground. Welcome Summer!

  3. What a beautiful place with beautiful flowers. I like it! Pls check out my entry. Happy Blue Monday!

  4. Beautiful blues, perfect to start the week.

    Yummy Blues

  5. hi Carol, Welcome to blogging and thanks for joining my newbie party.