Sunday, May 29, 2011

Glorious Summertime Beauty

A Robin busy gathering nesting material at the edge of the woods.

The climbing roses all loaded with blooms. 

The glass chickens that guard the shade garden. I've wanted real chickens every since we moved here and my husband keeps saying NO. So my sister gave me the glass chickens for my garden :)

A moth checking out the mulch around the pond and bog garden. 

The first rose of the season from my favorite salvaged rose bush.  Saved this bush from the bull dozer when the airport expanded.

Part of the shade garden waking up and filling in. 

Another moth ... they seem to really like the mulch this year. Who knows what kind  of wood it is. I convinced a tree trimming service to drop of several tuck loads of FREE wood chips before the subdivision decided to stop them or make them pay a road use fee.  The subdivision and I are about to have a legal confrontation.

I'm soooo glad that the warmer weather is finally here and things are finally growing!


  1. So what color is the rose you salvaged? It looks like an orangey-salmon on my computer. I used to have a salmon colored rose that I LOVED. I may have to plant another one.

  2. Very accurate description of the color and it smells so goooooood!