Friday, April 15, 2011

Me Thinks I Did Too Much AGAIN..........

I had a unexpected day off work yesterday and it was absolutely beautiful outside! So I worked in the yard, raking leaves and pulling weeds. I love dandelions and usually leave them alone but this year they have invaded my flowerbeds so I was pulling them too. There were so many I decided that I would make some dandelion syrup and some dandelion root tincture. Dandelion root is suppose to be a very good purifier for the liver and with all of the meds I have to take for the "Fybromylgia" I need all the help I can get. The tincture won't be ready for 6 months though so I'll have to buy some somewhere for now. 
Looking forward to trying out the dandelion syrup over the weekend. It sure is a pretty color of gold. 

Unlike my hands when I was done picking the dandelions :(
I also pick a small bunch of violets for some tincture of violets. They sure look pretty floating in that vodka :) Forgot to take a pic of the violets.

I baked  a cake for a birthday party...tried out a Martha Stewart recipe... sorry Martha it taste ok but not as moist as I like cakes. Will have to tweak it if I bake it again. Still have to finish decorating but I ran of frosting and energy.
Today I can hardly move.....way to much gardening for one day I guess. But I enjoyed every minute of it and I will stop hurting someday so it was worth it. If I didnt' do anything because it might hurt I'd be one miserable individual. I'd rather be "mentally happy" and hurt physically.


  1. Oh, Carol, I have had those kind of days with the dandelions! My hands hurt for days! My violets are blooming as well. Hope it was a fun birthday!

  2. I would be interested in hearing how one makes dandelion syrup and what do you use it for? Hope your aches vanish soon!

  3. I'm just plain envious you could get your hands dirty. My garden projects are all on hold again as 5 inches of snow is forcast for today. Yuk!