Monday, March 21, 2011

First Full Day of Spring!!!!

...And I get to go back to work after being off for 5 weeks :(
Something is so wrong with this....

The garden is waking up and I'm so happy! I was so happy to see one of the thyme plants

has really filled out already. I sure hope Mother Nature is kind to it the rest of the season. 

...and the garlic is growing like crazy. 

So now I'm off to work.

Tell me I don't have to go :(


  1. Thats a long time from work to be getting set to go back. That makes it even harder to get back in the groove. Wishing you a good return. Have a nice day on this fine spring day.

  2. Hope you have a great day at work. Nice to see Spring popping up for you.

  3. Oh, that's how it always is, Carol! Hang in there. At least it is work! Positive energy coming your way!