Thursday, February 24, 2011

Special Prayers Requested for a friend with Cancer

We just found out this past weekend that my stepson's mother has Stage 4 lung cancer. She had lung cancer 10 years ago and they were able to get rid of it by removing most of one lung. The cancer was caused by asbestos exposure and they told her it would return some day. They could get all of the cancer at that time but once the asbestos is in your lungs it's there to stay. Anthony just turned 22 and is very close to his mother. This is very hard on him. 
We're asking for prayers to help them all get through this hard time. 


  1. Sad news. I'll keep her in my prayers.

  2. Our prayers. My spouse beat this thing a few years back. Being a big time gardener I loved the previous post. How neat!

  3. Não esqueceremos de orar por eles. Deus tem poder de reverter qualquer situação!