Saturday, February 12, 2011

Sharing my grandsons art!!

I'm very fortunate to be blessed with a loving and creative family. I am so proud to see that my oldest grandson has followed in the family footsteps and has started developing his creative side. 
For Christmas this year he gifted me with one of his pencil drawings. I love it and feel bad that it has taken me so long to get it framed and hung up for everyone to see. 
Isaiah you have made your grandmother very proud!


  1. Isn't amazing how the genes get intermixed in the best ways sometimes! Very interesting Carol. Hope you will share more.

  2. That is an awesome drawing.
    How old is your grandson?
    He has creative genes.

  3. That sunset is a winner. We had one tonight as well and I didn't have my camera.:{

  4. My grandson is 13 years old...very smart and very talented ...Musically and artistically.

  5. He is a very talented artist. Lucky you!