Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Wasn't Fybromyalgia this too?

Feeling under the weather again here and having a little pity party. 
I spent yesterday in the ER, I passed out when I got out of bed yesterday morning.   There's nothing like  waking up on the floor with dogs licking your face and a panicked husband hovering over you. I must have also  hit my head on foot of bed too because had massive headache and a sore spot . So off to the hospital we rushed and with panic ed  husband driving it was a rush.  So after hours of blood tests, cat scans, et.  and waiting it seem that  not only do I have  Lyme Disease (stage one) but I have a acute urinary track infection too.  So they changed the antibiotics to a stronger one and I have to take this one for 3 weeks. So that will be a total of 5 weeks on antibiotics }:>/ hopefully I will get to go to work tomorrow. This sucks! 

I've had fybro for 14 years now and many of the symptoms of Lyme Disease and fybro are the same. So I was a little slow to catch on to something being wrong. The urinary track infection totally caught me off guard because I had no symptoms of that at all.  
It just seems the past month or two it has been one thing after the other with me and I thought when we moved my mother-in-law to the nursing home my trips to the hospital and doctors office were  over. Little did I know that I would fall apart at the seams {:>/


  1. I swear those of us with these auto immune issues, it's just like that. It comes in phases of many and then nothing and then again, flares a plenty. FEEL BETTER and I'll add you to my prayers. HUGS. Tammy

  2. My goodness, Carol. Sorry to hear about your troubles! Hope you are feeling better soon! Take care! Nancy

  3. Thanks Tammy and I'm not feeling so blue. Living with a chronic condition I try to stay upbeat and not let the things I can't control get me down but sometimes I just have to whine.Then I feel better and life goes on. Hopefully the antibiotics will kick everything in the butt real fast. I decided to stay home again today. Still feeling weak and a little light headed. I was supposed to have a all day training on a new computer system at work. Figured I wouldn't retain anything if I'm not feeling anyhow. I'll have to play catch up nest week.

  4. Carol I hope you are feeling better. I think we tend to hold it together while we have to and then kind of do a little falling apart when the stress has lifted. Take care of yourself!