Thursday, September 9, 2010

Marmalade and Pear Butter

Today was my day for the Labor Day Holiday.  When you work retail you don't get the real holiday off very often. It's probably just a well that I had today off  instead anyhow. If I had been off on Monday  I would have done something fun and not cooked up the pears that needed to be done. }:>) 

After cooking the pears down to sauce I decided that even though they tasted real good no one around here would eat them besides me. So a saved a couple of jars for cooking with and turned the rest into tasty treats that will be eaten for sure. 

First thing this morning I put 4 quarts of the sauce into the crock pot and set it on high. Once the sauce was good and bubbly hot I took the lid off and let it cook the rest of the day. 
While that was cooking  I borrowed an idea from my friend Kathy at kathyinozarks  and made a no sugar added pear and pineapple marmalade adding a touch of pure vanilla some honey and some crystallized ginger.  These pears are the small golden "Sugar Pears" that are so sweet that you really don't need to add any sugar. The honey was purely for the flavor and it turned out wonderful! I used the No sugar need pectin for the first time and I'm really happy with it. Thanks again Kathy for the idea and the information. 
So now I'm off to bed cause 3am comes real early and I should be in bed already.


  1. I have absolutely got to make canning a must learn on my bucket list. Looks good. Hugs. Tammy

  2. Oh YUM!!! I love pears. Pear pie is really good too, but since I'm too lazy to make pie crust I usually just cut up the pears and put an oatmeal crumble top on it.

    Thanks for your comment on my blog too!