Saturday, September 4, 2010

Macro Flowers Saturday - Lavender Dahlia

Hidden and tucked away behind giant Elephant Ear leaves is this beautiful Dahlia that I had forgotten about when I planted the Elephant Ears. It's only visible when you get up very close and move a leaf or two.  I'll have to be much more careful next year when I'm planting.  

Macro Flowers Saturday badge 1


  1. That is the prettiest colour I've seen in a dahlia all year.

  2. The figure is really delicate. . .

    The colors seem to be solved in the space.

    Thank you for showing a splendid moment.

    From Japan.

  3. Oh, this is the second time I've visited a Dahlia. And it is reminding me that they are really such great and beautiful blooms.

  4. Wow! I love the colour! Plain lavender would not have been as lovely as this, with the tinge of green to the petals! The first shot is my favourite!

  5. oh my! this lavender dahlia is soooooo beautiful!!!
    great macro shots! thanks for visiting... :)

  6. Carol, that is such a delicate colour for a dahlia. In this country they tend to be red of orange or yellow.
    Love it and thanks for dropping by my blog.
    See you next week

  7. This is the first lavender one I've seen too and I got it in a bag of mixed color tumors. I will have to sure and label the box i store it in this winter so that I can be sure and put it in a prominent site next summer.