Monday, August 16, 2010

Lazy Weekend

Really didn't do much of anything this past weekend.
Decided it was a weekend for recovery and restoration. So I laid around a lot, played on the computer and took a short walk in the yard where I ran across this little friend. He hung around for awhile and let me take several pictures before he fluttered off to check out other flowers.

The past week and a half we've been running back and forth to the hospital visiting my mother-in-law and then had to make the decision to place her in a nursing home. With this last round of infection she has just lost too much strength and we are not able to care for her at home now. For the most part she is at peace where she is and they are taking good care of her. It was not an easy decision but we know we have done all that we are capable of and it doesn't mean that we love her any less.


  1. I'm painting some butterflies right now. They are such amazing little creatures...It would be a more interesting world if humans could metamorphosize I think.

  2. Your butterfly captures are very pretty. I love September because our yard is filled with butterflies. September seems to be a butterfly month. Carol I hope your heart is filled with peace with your decision about your Mom-in-law. I hope you aren't feeling bad nor sad over the choice. It was a hard decision for us too way back when we had to deal with it and I still believe we did the right thing settling my Aunt into extended care. I really think she was more at peace, less frustrated. Just thinkin' about you :)

  3. Beautiful pics.. So sorry about your MIL and having read your other post I am sure you didnt take this decision lightly. I know there comes a time when you may have to make a decision like that.

  4. Nice that the butterfly stayed for his photo. Sorry to hear about your MIL. Give yourself a break - the decision was not made without much soul searching. Everyone will get some rest.