Tuesday, June 19, 2018

T Stands for Twins :)

Hello again!!!! 
I know it's been a long long time since I've blogged and I can't promise it won't be again. Life has just been very very busy here! 

These two little love bugs are a big part of that busy life.  It's so hard to believe they are already 5 week old now.
They are both growing fast but Dominic is growing much faster than Maryana. The doctor says it's ok that she is just probably going to be a small child naturally. Small people run in both sides of the family :) 

Grandpa is smitten for sure. 
These are his first blood grandchildren and they have him wrapped around their fingers already. 
These two photos were on Fathers Day and their first restaurant visit.  

 Here are just some more 1 month photos with their blankets I crocheted for them.

The rest of our time is spent on the yard and garden. 
With hubby's friend living with us now it is going so much faster this year and we are taking on a couple of big projects. 
He used to work in landscaping so he's a BIG HELP!!! 

 We are creating a new shade garden and picnic area. This is part of the woods that was overgrown with Honeysuckle and poison ivy. Soon we'll be planting back there ♥ 
The flowers have been great this year even if we haven't had much rain again and the sprinkler is working overtime. 

The Lilies have started blooming but I'll show those photos later. 
Today's random thought...
I just realized I don't have drink photo to share on this new computer so I'll have to skip it this week :( 



  1. Oh my, aren't they both adorable - I love the monkey baby grow and the big bow, they are such cuties! So nice that you get to spend quality time with them and I can see why you haven't been around much 😁. I'm glad you are doing ok and have a handy helper in your garden, your flowers looks so wonderful! It's lovely to catch up with you and wishing you and your family much happiness! Happy T Day! J 😊 x

  2. Hi Carol good to see you at the T party
    The twins are just too adorable and they are not lacking in love for sure.
    so nice to have a friend to help you both and a landscaper-how perfect!!
    I am still waiting for this rain and cool down ha ha
    Happy T Day hugs

  3. So good to hear from you Carol! I know you are particularly busy with all the yard work and gardening, but oh those precious bundles of joy! No wonder you haven't had the time for blogging. Wonderful photos all around. Happy T day!

  4. What a bundle of joy you shared with us this week. We are SO glad you are doing OK, and just busy. Speaking of bundles, those two must be a bundle. So much love given to them, I can tell. They won't be lacking for attention or affection, that's for sure.

    What a blessing you have someone to help landscape your yard and back area. I hope you keep us updated on this project and we can watch as it progresses, too.

    Thanks for sharing your flowers, and the twins with us for T this Tuesday. We're just glad you're OK.

  5. Carol!!! So glad you could make it for T!!! Well you have a very reasonable excuse for not coming to T...lol TWINS!!! Very adorable twins!!! My granddaughter is 3 weeks old! Are little babies just the best?! I hope you won't wait too long to join us again... You were missed!! Hugs! deb

  6. Sweet! Love the baby photos!

    Your flowers are pretty, and you have a great space. Happy T Tuesday :)

  7. Wow, there is so much going on in your life, isn't there? Those twins are sure cute and I really loved seeing the men holding them. Kids need people of all generations with them as they grow. And you have some pretty flowers. Hope we see you back sooner rather than later for T. Hus-Erika

  8. Perfectly understand you not blogging as often right now. Can't imagine you want to miss a moment with those tiny cuties! We moved to Florida since your last post!

  9. Lovely to see you around again. The babies are gorgeous. Your have been busy as always with handwork and gardening. Happy T Day, hugs, Valerie

  10. The photos of the little ones are adorable, it is good that you can spend time with them. these years are precious.
    The garden photos look beautiful as well.
    Have a super day.
    Yvonne xx

  11. Those babies are just too adorable! I can see where you would be busy with these grands. Your garden is lovely! I, too, get too busy to blog and go weeks without doing it. So, we have that in common. Happy T Day.