Tuesday, February 19, 2019

T Stands for Tuesday

Good morning my Tuesday Friends!!! 
Today is sunny and bright but that is supposed to go downhill this afternoon with snow and ice after sunset :(  A typical day for this winter.  
 Even with the nasty weather I've been busy getting more jugs ready for the "winter sown" project. Eight planted so far and hoping to get a bunch more done today. 
Here's my coffee shot  for today with the newest jugs planted.
The babies are growing so fast. Littleman is pulling up on things now and standing on his own. He just can't figure out what to do next.
Princess is more interested in making new sounds and playing than standing up and walking. 
She is finally getting some hair!!! ♥
and Big Sis is busy being a 
For Valentine's Day I made them heart snails but I only remembered to photograph one of them. The others heart were different colors. 
Right now I'm working on a hat for my daughter-in-law then I'm thinking about trying a really complicated throw or blanket for us. Something like this...
... or this...
...or maybe this...
I found a couple of facebook groups that have amazing patterns and great tutorials and helps. Which ever one I do it will be with lots of color ♥ Love those bright colors!!!


In response to the last image ...
I'm party line and saddle shoes old. 
I finally get a MRI on my back this coming Friday and then an injection on Monday hopefully. Depending on what the MRI shows this time I am hoping to schedule surgery soon. I'm beyond tired of dealing with this. 
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Tuesday, February 12, 2019

T Stands for Tuesday

Hello my Tuesday Friends!
It's another gray wintry day here in Missouri. Snow flurries going on but nothing to worry about. 
We had ice on Sunday :(   so I stayed home from work again. Had my share of falls for one season. 
Even the garden frog was unhappy!
It's gone now...washed away by yesterdays rain.
For my drink of the day I'm sharing an older coffee photo. Reminding myself that Spring is only 35 days away and we will soon have flowers!!'

Still haven't recovered fully from my fall so I'm doing a lot of crochet  and knitting these days. I am doing a year long crochet along where we get new square patterns every month and at the end we put them all together for a throw or bedspread. Mine will be a bed spread.
Here are the 3 I have done.

I have also made myself a shawlet to help keep my shoulders warm at work on those windy days.
I made the buttons out of avocado seeds :)
I'm also knitting a hat and cowl to match just so I can improve my knitting skills. 
The hat is finished and the cowl will probably get done later this week as I have a couple of Valentines things to get done. 
 Today's Random Thoughts

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Tuesday, February 5, 2019

T Stands for Tuesday

Hello again my Tuesday Friends! 
Running late again but I am showing up this week. 
Last week was a lost cause.... I feel on the ice the week before...twice actually. So I was barely moving and still not much better.  I went to the doctor yesterday and he gave me pain meds and recommended I see the Pain Specialist again for another steroid injection. It's been a year since I had the last one. 
Then on Wednesday of last week Bob had to have Parathyroid surgery. You have Four Parathyroid glands and they control the calcium levels in you blood/body. One of his had gone into overdrive and was flooding his bloodstream with calcium. Pulling it from his bones. This causes all kinds of crazy problems throughout your body. So they had to remove the one that was being problematic. 
So now when someone asks him what happens he tells them he smarted off to me one time to many....LOL! 
Here's my coffee for the day. 
All of our snow has melted  so the deck table is cleared off again. I move my garden  frog to it so I can watch it spin when the wind blows. It's been spinning a lot lately. 
It's been bitter cold here too and the birds are busy at the feeders again.

There are a lot more of them but I didn't want to overload the post with bird pictures. 
Dad has been back in the hospital again with pneumonia again and now we have found out that he also has excess fluid build up on his brain that is causing the muscle spasm and weakness that he has been having. He is too week to operate on to fix it. They said he would survive the surgery. So he is back at home now and we have put him on Hospice Care. This will be a big help for my sister as they are having someone come in for 3- 5 hours a day five days a week. 
Plus they have provided a lot of equipment that makes caring for him easier. 
Random Thoughts for Today

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Tuesday, January 22, 2019

T Stands for Tuesday

Hello my Tuesday Friends!
Sliding in at the last minute again today :( 
We had snow again on Sunday....only a little over 2 inches but the winds were so strong it was looking like a blizzard out there. 
Thankfully a lot of the big snow from last weekend had melted so it wasn't too bad to navigate in it.
Here's my coffee from yesterday morning showing the difference of the snow on the deck table.
last week
I can deal with snows like this week much better.
The past few days I've been sorting through my seed collection and trying to determine what I need to buy for this year. It doesn't look like I'll need too many. 
I will admit that I have already bought a few.
I've already started planting some seeds in my little milk jug seed starting pots and put them outside. This "WINTER SOWN"  method has worked well for me for several years now.

Dad is still doing well and getting stronger. Which also means he's misbehaving more :) He wants to just get up and take off on his own instead of  waiting for someone to assist him or at least be close enough to stabilize him if necessary.
Random thoughts for today....

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